visit with our critters

private visits include up to 6 persons, feeding and petting and freetime in paniolo playtown.

60 minutes total.

$75.00 plus tax

partners playtime

up to 10 persons includes visit with the critters, freetime in paniolo playtown and splashpad fun.

60 minutes total. 

$100.00 plus tax

electric ATV 1/4 mile ride Add on is $25 per keiki under 100Lbs and over 3 years old.

The minis

bullseye and flicka, the best little horses a keiki could ask for. these guys love brushing, petting and  snacking.

the fluffbottom family
Our adorable bantam silkies, cream puff, Muffin, cleo and coconut, they love to snack and have the softest feathers. they are so gentle when they eat from your hand and are perfectly content being held. 

the raptors

these 2 white leghorn sisters lay some really big eggs and will eagerly eat right out of your hand.

the duckhearts

Amelia duckheart is a beautiful Pekin and mallard cross and an amazing foster mother to George and clem. you will see them dunking in their baby pool and snatching flies right out of the air. 

The Hoppers and bun buns
nibbles, Jelly, Peanut butter and butters, The new zealand rabbits are as soft and sweet as can be. keiki will enjoy petting and feeding them snacks.

by apPointment only

Book a trail ride and come meet the farm animals



3890 hana hwy

north shore

haiku maui

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