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Lessons offered for any age based on riding ability

1 Hour Lesson  $60.00

As an Instructor we teach the young students to become independent over time.

Age 2-5, parents assist with the grooming and preparing the horse to ride with our assistance.

This activity lasts approximately 30 minutes so the child gains confidence by learning about the horse before getting on their back.
Additionally, muscle memory, focus and confidence are rapidly developing. Kids will then ride approximately 30 minutes and learn bareback exercises to prepare them for further skills required to ride on their own. Upper body strength is developed along with a growing appreciation of respect, patience, and gentleness.

Our kids are posting bareback at a very young age. They learn early body awareness (including simple anatomy) and exercises that help develop posture and strong trunk control.

Students also gain upper body strength with the use of special reins for little hands. Self-control is emphasized at this level. These classes are one hour in length and include preparing the horse to ride through grooming and tacking. Most importantly, children learn early to respect and be kind to our furry friends. 

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